Matic (2019)




As Director of Product Design at Matic, I led an in-house rebrand of the company. Matic needed a brand that was extensible as part of a brand family that supports the unique messaging challenges of B2B relationships with mortgage servicers and B2C engagements with individual homeowners.

The rebrand included logos, color palettes, typography, illustration and iconography styles, a completely new public marketing website, core marketing asset designs across digital and print, the foundations of a design system, and more.





  • Identity Brief

  • Logo Design

  • Style Guide

  • Stationery Design

  • Print Marketing

  • Merch Design

  • Copywriting


  • Project Strategy

  • User Experience

  • Web Interface

  • Email Marketing

  • Motion Graphics



“Kyung also has been working tirelessly on our new website and has also been paying so much attention to all the small details. From the flow, the user experience, the copy, everything. It's looking amazing! Through our many meetings, I have been really impressed at his willingness to leave his ego at the door and take my suggestions to make text and visual changes. Thanks for collaborating with me, Kyung!”

Sydnee Kozberg, Director of People Operations at Matic