Boutiika is a startup that connects online shoppers to clothing available in local stores by providing access to a comprehensive online platform complete with unique online profiles, storefronts, and e-commerce integration for each boutique.





  • Logo Design



Boutiika’s own branding is minimal, and each storeowner has direct access to managing and customizing their own stores’ presence and image on Boutiika. The sense of ownership that allows for is key to getting the buy-in needed to give Boutiika a chance at achieving critical mass.

However, there is a fine line between minimalist design and unfinished design. Boutiika is collaborating with Lift Projects to develop the online platform, and user testing exposed a weakness in their existing branding, which was too generic and didn’t have the power to bring cohesion to the overall platform. 




The concept here is about creating in as efficient a manner as possible, a unique representation of the company. The efficiency of the brand will help allow it serve as a container for what will be very diverse types of boutique shops.

Of course, with such an icon-based simple logo, the danger is seeming too polished and corporate. As such, the reference to hand sewing, and the organic path of the thread help to maintain a good balance of polish and human touch appropriate for a company for boutique fashion.

The basis of this logo is Akagi, a very clean and modern sans serif typeface that still manages to have hints of personality in such efficient strokes.




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