Charlie Krackeler Presents…




Charlie is a real estate broker and active investor who has been a professional speaker since 1990. Throughout his career, Charlie’s passion for education and self improvement has led him to become one of California’s most popular continuing education seminar speakers. It’s why real estate colleagues have given him the nickname, “Continuing Education King.”





  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design


  • Project Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Web Interface
  • Photography



Charlie sought a professional agency to fix the user experience problems that his website exhibits all throughout the exams and entire website. This is particularly problematic for the real estate industry, where realtors aren’t the most tech savvy, and can easily get confused and frustrated if instructions and workflows are not made clear. 




Elative worked with Charlie to create a more professional and consistent brand image, establish a set of high-quality photography assets to draw upon, as well as do in-depth work on drastically re-organizing his various course offerings, packages, and the courses themselves. 

Through a thorough wireframing process, we helped create the blueprint for a much improved future website, one that would incorporate the new brand image and be responsive for mobile, tablet, and other modern devices.