Flip Flop Wines




The Flip Flop brand is a unique one that is about relaxation and fun, rather than being active. The wine is about quality, for you to taste at your convenience, and not marketing messaging that proactively tries to grab your attention and pursuade you of something. 





  • User Experience
  • Web Interface



To that end, the website uses the very current best practices in web standards such as HTML5. This allowed people to simply visit the site using whatever device they prefer, without having to think about how their shiny new iPad doesn’t render Flash content, or that their geeky Android phone freezes up when trying to display Flash or bloated outdated code such as HTML tables and png fixes. 




The key to this new website was that the brand image and lifestyle was clearly conveyed in a way that appealed to its target audience, and allowed that target audience to interact with the brand on a routine basis via Facebook and the Flip Flop website. 




“I worked with Elative on a big web development/SEO project and their work definitely exceeded my expectations. They are a talented group that stays on top of the latest web technologies and trends. We’ve already gone back to them for a second project and have 2 potential projects on deck.”

“I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an agency that communicates well with their client, does top notch work, and stays on top of the latest online marketing trends.”

Reinel Adajar, Brand Manager at The Wine Group