Halftone Productions




Halftone sought to create a strong image for itself that authentically represents their audio production philosophies of deep, rich analog and old-school ideals in a world that was becoming more digital and sterile everyday.

An iconic representation of the VU meter serves to not only call back to an old-school analog production mindset, but also captured a relentless energy that appropriately captured the vibe of Halftone and their co-founders. The clean layouts and trendy glossy tech startup treatments help to give a modern balance to the brand image. 

The web design augments the various design elements of the brand, from the structured lines to the weighty typographic treatments and the screw icons that help bring metaphorical cohesion to all the disparate elements. We also implemented a customized Wordpress CMS to allow for easy and constant updating of content to stay relevant and connected to their artist community. 





  • Logo Design


  • User Experience
  • Web Interface



“If you ever have any web/logo/branding issues, Elative should be your first stop. They helped me go from having no logo and no website to having a complete online identity and brand.”

“Kyung and Jeff really walked me through the whole process, and were available to help out with any questions I had. They stayed true to my original ideas and vision, and in the end I had a website and a killer logo. Thanks guys!”

Frank Charlton, Co-Founder at Halftone Productions