LiveLight is a startup led by a Stanford and Harvard trained physician duo that has figured out a way to make it easier for people to eat fewer calories and to incorporate lifestyle changes necessary for long-term weight loss.





  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide
  • SEO Strategy
  • Copywriting


  • User Experience
  • Web Interface



The weight loss industry is a long established, yet forever desirable one. So with intense competition from established national companies Weight Watchers and Nutrisystems, local companies Jumpstart and Greenlite, and startups Omada, Kurbo, and Retrofit, LiveLight needed a strong brand identity and web presence to be memorable to its target audience. 




Optimism and excitement are representative of how one feels once they lose weight, maintain it, and as a result have a better quality of life. It’s that active and freeing optimism that we infused into the logo with an abstract celebratory person icon, vibrant yet natural colors, and logotype that’s lean and airy. 

And with the website, we distilled scientific, data-based explanations into friendly, easy to digest groupings supported by some photography and lots of clean vector iconography and illustrations that extend the friendly optimism of the brand.