Sunshine Collective




Sunshine Collective, the pairing of singer/songwriter Stephanie Richards and composer/songwriter/producer Brian Arbuckle, is all about feel-good music that’s deeply rooted in an acoustic sonic palette with inspiration from 60’s and 70’s pop.

Elative helped to design a very organic looking website, complete with rich, weathered textures and vintage design treatments to visual support the sonic signature and image of Sunshine Collective.

The website allows for a robust offering of media, including photo, video, and multiple methods of audio playback (which deprecates gracefully for platforms with no Flash support), as well as updatable news and show announcement sections.





  • User Experience
  • Web Interface



“Figuring out how to brand the many things that I am to various clients seemed like an overwhelming task that was made incredibly clear and concise by Elative.”

“And beyond just building websites that are easy to run and beautiful to look at, they developed tools so that I could effortlessly market my skills to new and existing clients.”

Brian Arbuckle, Band Member at Sunshine Collective